Fix Up Your Flapjacks with Bananas and Walnuts

Bananas and walnuts are a healthy fruit and nut combo that adds amazing taste and texture to pancakes. Put a stack of these banana-walnut pancakes on the table when you want to mix up your mornings!

Banana-Walnut Pancakes

Serves 4


1 cup all-purpose flour
2 tablespoons brown sugar
2 teaspoons baking powder
¼ teaspoon cinnamon
3 ripe bananas, mashed
¾ cup walnuts, toasted, chopped, divided
1 egg
1 tablespoon vegetable oil
1 cup milk
2 bananas, for garnish


Place flour, brown sugar, baking powder, and cinnamon in a mixing bowl; stir to combine. Put the ripe, mashed bananas, ¼ cup of the walnuts, egg, oil, and milk in the mixing bowl with the flour mixture; stir until well combined. Note: The batter will be a little lumpy.

Lightly oil a frying pan and place over medium heat until hot. Using a ¼ cup measuring cup, pour a scoop of batter for each pancake into the frying pan. Cook until the bottoms of the pancakes are golden brown, then flip and repeat for the other side. Place cooked pancakes on a serving plate.

Place the remaining chopped walnuts in a bowl. Slice the 2 bananas crosswise into pieces and place the banana slices in a bowl. Serve pancakes with chopped walnuts and sliced bananas on the side so everyone can top their own pancakes.