Merry Menu Ideas for a Festive Feast

On Christmas Day, after the presents are opened and toys are assembled, everyone’s attention turns to the feast, especially the centerpiece of the meal. This year, make the most of the holiday with a merry menu that will create a lifetime of special memories.

The Main Meal

One of the most anticipated Christmas centerpieces is prime rib. Prime rib is a prized cut of beef because it is well-marbled, which results in a roast that is off-the-charts juicy, tender, and loaded with big, beefy flavor. This cut is so good that it really only needs salt and pepper for seasoning. And for as majestic of a presentation that it makes, it’s surprisingly simple to prepare and cook.

One important thing to note is that prime rib is not the same as prime beef, aka prime grade. (Although some prime rib can be prime beef. But most prime beef cuts go to restaurants.) Prime beef, or prime grade, refers to the USDA labeling system that denotes the quality of the beef, not the location. Just remember the ‘rib’ in prime rib to help keep the terminology straight.

Now that you know prime rib is an exceptional cut of beef, why not indulge your senses this year with Christmas Prime Rib!

When it comes to mouthwatering centerpieces, though, prime rib is not the only Christmas favorite. You may want to consider serving a crown roast of pork. Crown roast of pork is a rack or two of bone-in pork loin that is shaped into a circle with the ribs pointing upward. One end of the rib bones are Frenched, which means that everything is trimmed from the end of the bones to give the rack a clean look. Once assembled, it resembles a crown. The empty center of the crown roast is often filled with stuffing or other mixed vegetables. The Ultimate Pork Crown Roast from the Food Network and Tyler Florence features an apple-pecan stuffing that complements pork loin perfectly. Watch the video for step-by-step instructions.

Cooking for just your immediate family this Christmas? Prepare and serve a smaller sweet and savory entrée like this Rosemary Orange Roasted Turkey Breast from Betty Crocker, which serves 6. If you’re only cooking for 2-4 people, you may have leftovers for epic turkey sandwiches or turkey soup.

Another popular Christmas entrée is ham. Not only is a fully-cooked bone-in ham incredibly easy to prepare, but it also feeds a good-sized crowd. This Honey-Bourbon Glazed Ham from Southern Living is studded with whole cloves for enhanced flavor and a pretty presentation, and the combined flavors of brown sugar, honey, bourbon, mustard, and molasses create a sweet and savory gourmet glaze.

Scrumptious Sides and Decadent Desserts

To round out your merry menu, you’re going to need some show-stopping sides and decadent desserts to complement the main meal. Here are 50 Christmas Side Dish Recipes You’ll Definitely Fill Up On from Bon Appetit. And our Lobster Mac and Cheese is always a good choice for an elevated, extra special side. End your special dinner on a sweet note with our Black Forest Cake or any one of these 48 Oh-So-Easy Desserts Every Christmas Party Needs from Country Living.